Friday, December 12, 2014

Skin Test Results

When I painted the last squad, I had my first ever marine without a helmet on. In an effort to create a more personable army, I decided I was going to have a few marines without helmets on. I just wanted a few to add a bit more personality to the army.

After finishing my last squad, which had one un-helmeted marine in it, I decided that I needed to learn a bit more about different skin styles. I did a little research and tried a few things out. I ended up making a test just like I did on the shoulder pads and laurels. Take a look at how it the different skin tones turned out!

I selected half of the heads with hair and half without so that I can practice with hair as well. Here's how it looks:

After it was all done, I wrote up all my recipes so that I won't forget them in the future:

Next up on the project list is the third squad of tactical marines. I'm going to have three marines without helmets. After this test, I'll be able to add some racial diversity to this squad and the rest of my army.

What do you think about it?