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Painting Challenge: Space Wolf

I deployed to Afghanistan in July of 2009. I'm an infantryman by trade, so I was constantly going places and doing things. Every once in a long while, I was able to steal a few days respite back at the base. Out of the graciousness of her love for me, my wife sent me a Space Wolf box set and the Warhammer 40,000 paint set. She also sent me a water pot, some magnifying glasses, a mixing palette, and a few other things to help get me started. The only rule was that I could only use the paints in the starter set. I couldn't borrow anything from my buddy (who also painted whenever we could). Needless to say, almsot every color on this model is a mix. After I returned back to the United States, I promptly sealed the model, keeping only what progress was completed in-country. Over the course of a year-long combat deployment to Afghanistan, I proudly present to you my Blood Claw. May he stand constant vigil over my fallen comerades.

Grey Knights

A little while ago, I managed to paint up a few Grey Knights to go along with my Ultramarines (that's why they have the same bases). Coinciding with the release of the new codex, here's the models that I painted.

Adeptus Arbites

This is a special project that I've wanted to do for years. Modeled to represent a squad of warrior acolytes, they'll be part of a Grey Knights allies list. The letters on their back are AQRF: Arbites Quick Reaction Force. They're my SWAT team, supposed to be a local police team pressed into service with the PDF. They have extensive conversions, one of my most ambitious projects to date. From the pictures, you can see all the little changes I've made. Enjoy!

AQRF: Arbites Quick Reaction Force

I'm really happy with how the faces came out.

You can see all the modifications I made to the weapons, as
well as the little rectangles I sculpted onto the hands to make
them into gloves.

Some of the models were given silencers.

The big red demo charges will represent melta bombs
when I use the models to play Kill-Team.

A little rust for urban terrain bases

I added a little racial diversity to the squad. There's not
much of this in the 41st millennium.

My original test model

Titan Crew

Before I ever knew that I was going to own a Titan and certainly before I learned many of the painting techniques that I know now, I painted up a Titan crew that I bought from Forge World. I just have them around to be used as an objective and, truth be told, I think I can do better than this. I've learned a lot since then about highlighting, metallics, washing, and flesh tones so after I'm finished with my Titan, I'm thinking of replacing these guys with another crew. It'll give me a chance to change up my color scheme and get them to match the Titan, too! But until then, this is what I have.

Warhound Titan: Canis Rex

After all these years, I've finally managed to save up enough to buy a Mars Pattern Warhound Titan! Since the Mars Pattern is the most ornate looking, I decided to go with a brown and brass scheme to make it all look more regal. After nine or so months of painting and modeling about three to five hours a day (barring long days of work and stupid Army field time), I've managed to completely finish the entire model! All that's left now are the other two weapons, which I will be working on in conjunction with my other projects. Take a look at the finished Titan!

Warhound Titan: Canis Rex


Canis Rex: Primaris Warhound of the Legio Canis

Right servitor station
Left servitor station
Moderati and instrument panel

Turbo Laser

Plasma Blastgun


  1. I love all of this. The grey knights look ace. It has convinced me to go with grey when painting my knights instead of silver. Excellent!!!

    I absolutely love the titan as well. I found this page by looking at pictures of titans and wow I just can't wait until I own a titan. I want to eventually own three. Two reavers and a war hound or two war hounds and a reaver (not sure yet it'll probably be the latter due to size). Have you got any aircraft? I'm planning on having a thunderhawk, two storm ravens, two storm eagles and two storm talons. My army will be ultramarines as well.

  2. Could you also please tell me how you did the brass / metal edging in the titan?? Is it just a wash as the final layer?? I was trying to figure out a way to do this so that it bleeds into the edge of the carapace.