Knights Bellicose

The Knights Bellicose represent my attempt at starting a Space Marine army from scratch. I have tons of background, composition theory, and new painting techniques that have gone into the creation of this army. Someday, I plan on creating the entire chapter.

Being that they're a new chapter of my own creation, I wanted to portray them as a chapter that has been newly created by the Adeptus Terra. The force organization chart that I've posted shows this. It's basically the same as the one in the Space Marine codex, but I've tailored it to fit my newer army that won't necessarily have all the tradition, heraldry, and cool ancient stuff that the Ultramarines might have.

Knights Bellicose Force Organization
Knights Bellicose Leaders' Wargear

4th Company:
1st Squad:
Squad leader. Check out the different helmet colors.

Regular bolter marine

Several backpack patterns

Heavy bolter

Every squad will have all three specialist weapons, so I'll
always have options.

Auspex. It has no role on the table, but I want
one per squad for some extra flavor.

Two bolters per squad will have scopes. Like the auspex,
it's for added detail in the squad.

From just this shoulder, we can see that this
marine is 4th company, 1st tactical squad.

Hand-painted Knights Bellicose logo

Group photo of the whole squad!

2nd Squad:

Every squad has all three specialist weapons, so I have some
choices (no grav guns in the army, though).

This is the first squad to use the new plasma gun technique.

My two beakies. Now they're more important members of
the squad. In my army's fluff, there's two beakies per squad
and they're a specialist position.

This is the first marine I have to not wear
a helmet. In the future, there should be more
skins to come, so I'll have some racial
diversity in the army.

My first attempt at laurels. It came out well,
I think.

A nice shot of the bases. Differing bases will help tell the
squads apart on the battlefield. Check out the other squads
to see how they're different.

Squad marking. Almost everyone in the
Chapter will have one.

Group photo!

Test Model:
This was the original test model that I painted a long time ago when I first thought about making a new chapter. It's kind of an antique for me now because it represents the original idea for the chapter.

As time progresses, I still plan on posting more army lists and some of my background to this page. Keep checking back to see what I've added!


  1. This is a fantastic paint scheme. I love your painting style.

  2. damn, okay from yesterday i kept saying u were great at painting, i was serious, these r amazing. -chaos marine guy