Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arbites Chimera Complete

The Arbites Chimera has finally been completed and, with that, the entire Inquisition sideboard is now finished! Aside from the Titan, this is actually the largest model I've done so far. Take a look at the finished vehicle. What do you think?

Now that the Inquisition sideboard is done, I'll be finishing up a few tests on the Knights Bellicose. I'm about halfway through a color test with them right now. After that, I need to finalize my bases. I'm thinking of using fine sandpaper for pavement or perhaps plasticard for diamond-plate steel or something for sidewalks. I want some intricate urban bases. After that test is finished, the Knights Bellicose can finally be started. I'm pretty excited about that!

While I'm working on my KB tests, I'll also be working on my next real project: terrain. Remember the terrain table with three sets of boards? I'm planning on making a temperate / jungle board for the first one with lots of hills and trees. I'll post pictures of the plans once they're all drawn up. Keep checking back to see how the progress goes!

Until next time, have fun painting!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Arbites Chimera Nears Completion

We're almost there! Next time you check in, the Arbites Chimera should be completed! The hull is finished, as is the turret and all the weapons. All that's left is to finish the track sections. You'll notice that the right side is completely finished except for the wide piece that sticks out past everything else. This, as well as its counterpart on the other side, will be the last parts painted. That way, I can still hold onto the model without rubbing any of the paint off. You can see in some of the detail shots that I've already accidentally removed some of the primer in those areas, so you can see how important it is to keep from touching something until its sealed.

Once the Chimera is completed, work can finally begin on the Knights Bellicose! I'm considering doing one final base test before I start the models, though. I want to perfect my urban bases and I'm considering using some fine-grit sandpaper to replicate asphalt. I could use sprues or wooden pieces to make curbs and I could add manhole covers and all kinds of things to add character. It'll be an interesting test and once its done I can start the Knights!

Additionally, I'm considering starting my first terrain board. I'm going to do a forest board. Stay tuned for more updates on how my first terrain board goes.

Until next time, check out how the work on the Chimera is going so far!

"Serve" on once side. "Protect" on the other.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Arbites Progress, the Knights Begin

This past week, I've made a decent amount of progress on the Arbites Chimera. Check out where I'm at right now. The vehicle is getting close to completion!

All that's left is the sides, tracks, and back.

Here you can see how the police lights came out, as well as
the Arbites lettering on the side.

There aren't rivets sculpted onto these sides I made. They're
just painted dots. I think they look just like the other ones!

Today, I stopped by Games Workshop and bought a Command Squad and a pair of Tactical Squad boxes. After the AQRF Chimera is completed (and the two test models), the Knights Bellicose will officially begin!