Normally I don't really work with xenos armies, but my wife wanted to play and she chose the Eldar. So now I'm making an Eldar army in tandem with my Ultramarines. She picked out her favorite models from the codex and also helped choose a general color scheme, and now I've worked it all into a few unified army lists and am currently working on painting it all up. Here's what I have finished so far!

Army Lists:
Eldar 500 pts
Eldar 1000 pts
Eldar 1500 pts
Eldar 1850 pts
Eldar 2000 pts
Eldar Models Needed




Troupe Master


These two have a lot of orange to show that they are
leadership characters

All the pistols and accessories have the same color
scheme as the rest of the army to help them fit in.

All of the backpacks and shoulder pads are green, to help
the models match back in with the rest of the army.

Harlequin masks

First Dire Avenger Squad:

 Second Dire Avenger Squad:
First Guardian Squad:
The white lines on the robe and the cuffs denote squad number
The white lines on the antennae represent the squad number

Second Guardian Squad:
The two stripes are how the warlock denotes that he's in second squad.
The different warlocks give the squads a distinct feel.
One stripe on the antenna for first squad, two stripes for second.

Third Guardian Squad:

I love how the squad markings came out.

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