Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Knights Bellicose First Game

This week, my best friend Sean Tipper came down to visit. As always, we made sure to get in a game of Warhammer. We headed down to Dice Age, set up some terrain, and played a roughly 750 point game. To change things up a bit, I finally brought out my Knights Bellicose! I had to use an Ultramarine captain and my Arbites to support them, but I got to run my two Tactical Squads. The main differences between the Knights and the Ultramarines are that the Ultramarines squad leaders had plasma pistols and chainswords, whereas the Knights had bolt pistols and power swords instead. Also, the Ultramarines Tactical Squads had missile launchers, where the Knights have heavy bolters. I think these two combinations have made the squads more effective because they lasted much longer on the battlefield. Once I can finally get some more squads completed, I'm expecting the Knights Bellicose to be more effective than the Ultramarines.

Check out how the game went!

The table's layout. I wanted it to be similar to my idea for the
table in the art room.

Knights Bellicose lined up of the table for the first time.

Arbites, ready to take the road down to the relic.

Heavy bolter combat squad, overwatching the relic.

2nd squad's heavy bolter team takes out 

The Ultramarines captain leads the charge into the Kroot.

Beating up on the Kroot. This is the first time I've won a fight
against them and I did so with very little effort. Sergeants with
power swords is the way to go!

The Fire Warriors cross the river, headed for the relic.

Final scene. The Knights & Arbites lost, but I did well in
areas I hadn't before and I learned a lot!

After I finish my third Tactical Squad, I'll be doing my Command Squad, Captain, and Chaplain. Following that, I'll be moving back to the Eldar for a special project! Keep checking back to see how it turns out!

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