Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Plasma Effect

I've been getting the idea that the current effect I paint on my plasma weapons just doesn't look right. Almost as if answered by The Emperor himself, Bell of Lost Souls posted a tutorial for a new plasma gun effect. I've given it a shot and I think that's how I'll be doing all the plasma guns for my Knights Bellicose army. I know that one plasma gun is already done, but I don't think I'll repaint it. At least not right now.

I did a test of the new technique. It was pretty quick to do. Take a look at how it turned out! Feel free to post comments and let me know how I did!

This is a look at how how I've been paint plasma coils so far
A simple plasma cannon with a red casing.

The first color is painted on.

A lighter green is drybrushed on, splashing onto the casing
to start the glow effect.

Lastly, white is drybrushed on to finish the effect.

Another shot of the finished effect.

What do you think? Should I do all my
plasma weapons this way?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Squad, New Process

After finishing the terrain boards, I decided to make a second tactical squad for my Knights Bellicose before moving on to any modular terrain. With that, I've decided to change up my painting process to try to make things more efficient.

In the past, I used to paint models by area. For instance, I'd paint all the colors on all the legs in the squad. Once the legs were 100% complete, I'd move onto the torsos, then arms, etc. This time, I've decided to focus on getting all of one color on the models and moving from there. My theory is that, by changing colors less frequently and spending more time on each individual model, I'll save a lot of time.

So far, I have all the brown completed on this squad.

I'm still waiting to do the arms so that I can access the chest areas. I don't want to lose quality. Also, I'm going to continue doing the helmets last because holding them during the painting process will rub the paint off the helmets. So far, though, this new process seems to be working out nicely.

In addition to changing my painting process, I've been thinking about my bits theory. With the new tactical squad, I want every tactical squad in the chapter to be issued with the same gear. For instance, I want exactly to beakie helmets in the squad (for their advanced sensor packages). One of those beakies will have an auspex. I want to have two bolters with optics to act as designated marksmen. Also, all tactical squad sergeants will all have power swords and bolt pistols. With all these similarities in my tactical squads, how do I keep them from all looking exactly the same?

The new tactical squad box seems to have my answer. For the first time, I'll be fielding a marine without a helmet. Other options, such as the reloading arms and the arm holding an auspex will help add individual flavor to each squad and make each squad unique beyond simply changing the squad numbers.

Head without a helmet

1st squad's auspex marine with 2nd squad's
arm holding the auspex

Arms reloading a bolter

Lastly, I'm considering making some simple changes to the bases. I'm still covering the bases (at least of the tactical squads) with flock to make them look like concrete or asphalt. In 1st squad, I left them as plain asphalt. In the new and future squads, I'm considering painting white and yellow lines on the bases to represent the lines on roadway. This should help add some more visible difference between the squads without detracting from the army as a whole.

Feel free to post your comments on any of the new ideas. I'd love to hear what you guys think!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Terrain Boards Complete

The temperate terrain boards are finally finished! There were a lot of problems along the way, but it's finally done. I mixed some of the colors of grass, but I deliberately didn't blend the colors on the board. I know it looks a bit less natural, but I wanted the style to match the layered look of my models so everything fits together. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! I still have a lot to do with trees, some hills, and a nice little farm, but here's how the boards look (with a little work-in-progress). Check 'em out!

Getting the first color on

A few layers of static grass over the old flock.

My workshop is an absolute disaster!

All finished!
Static grass was not very fun to work with, but I'm happy with the results. Next time, I'll have some progress on the new Knights Bellicose squad and maybe some of the modular terrain! Keep checking back and have fun painting!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Squad Complete!

Despite changing jobs and all the other craziness that comes with life in general, I've finally managed to finish my first Knights Bellicose squad! Next, I'll be working on another tactical squad, working towards having a playable force. Take a look at how the squad came out and let me know what you think!

Squad leader. Check out the different helmet colors.

Regular bolter marine

Several backpack patterns

Heavy bolter

Every squad will have all three specialist weapons, so I'll
always have options.

Auspex. It has no role on the table, but I want
one per squad for some extra flavor.

Two bolters per squad will have scopes. Like the auspex,
it's for added detail in the squad.

From just this shoulder, we can see that this
marine is 4th company, 1st tactical squad.

Hand-painted Knights Bellicose logo

Group photo of the whole squad!
Next up is another tactical squad. This time, I'll be using the new tactical box so I can show the difference. Keep checking back to see how it all turns out! Until then, have fun painting!