Monday, December 19, 2011

Third Tactical Squad Complete

Since coming back from my field time with the Army, I've put a lot of work back into my Ultramarines.I now present to you my third and final tactical squad. Check out the Ultramarines page to see the new squad!

It feels good to have this squad done. Having a third tactical squad to work with gives me a lot more flexibility on the battlefield. Also, painting three tactical squads in a row has become quite tedious. I was painting marines with bolters after marines with bolters after marines with bolters and it was becoming a bit difficult to find the motivation to continue. Now that the mainstay of my army is complete, I can start focusing on things that are different and, in my opinion, more fun to paint.

Right now, I'm working on a devastator squad comprised of a sergeant, three missile launchers, and a lascannon. Once those are done, I'll be at 1,000 points and I can really start playing more.

I'm making sure to take pictures of my devastators through every step of the painting process. After the squad is complete, I'm hoping to post up several tutorials to help everyone see how I get the results I do. First and foremost is a nice armor tutorial. I'm also hoping to get several other tutorials out of this squad; weapons, lenses and bases being among those covered.

So stay tuned! There's good stuff coming!

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  1. Just stumbled on this blog whilst looking for a pose for a Warhound, great stuff here, forces myself (Navy) so I have to take a break occasionally and have to work too, the other guys keep Weemen blog ticking over. Nice painting style and loved the Titan scheme, dark and moody.