Saturday, April 12, 2014

My First Terrain Project

Work has begun on my first terrain board! It's going to be a temperate board. My plan is to have an overall grassy board with a few roads on it. Modular terrain will include a whole lot of trees (for which I'll be using a whole bunch of Citadel Wood), a few hills, a small drilling operation, and a house and farm that I'm going to scratch build myself. As of right now, I'm just going to focus on the board itself.

If you remember, I have eighteen 2' x 2' boards, making three 6' x 4' tables. This is one such table. So far, I've gotten the roads constructed. Take a look!

Intially, the roads were drawn in pencil, then
with a Sharpie

The first board gets its road

All smoothed out. Now, I just brush off what didn't stick
and it comes out looking like a gravel road.

All the boards are finished and ready for the
next step: grassy plains
Next, I'll be gluing on the grass. I'll be using a fine flock for that. I don't think it looks realistic, but when I look at the test I did (wherein I painted the flock after the glue dried), I think it looks realistic enough to use on a larger scale. Keep checking back to see how the terrain boards turn out!

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