Friday, January 2, 2015

Gaming Table Gets a Game

Last night, Jeanie finally caved and played a game of 40k with me! We played just shy of 1,000 points. She used her Eldar because she wanted to play with the Harlequins and I used the Ultramarines because I don't have enough Knights Bellicose ready to use yet.

The game ended after Turn 5 with me as the victor. She gave me a run for my money, though. I will admit that the game ended with a small amount of frustration on account of us having to keep stopping to check the rules. I haven't played many games of 7th edition, so I wasn't as familiar with the rules and had to keep looking things up.

Take a look at how the game went!

The starting lineup!

Jeanie considers her move.

Our first experience with the Psychic Phase.

The Ultramarines take some losses.

Close combat!

Both sides take losses.

Captain Sicarius 

End of the game!

Next time, I'll have progress on my next painting progress and a plan on what's coming up next! Keep checking back and have fun painting!

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