Saturday, May 7, 2011

Model Pictures Update

With today's update, everything I have painted is officially posted here on the blog. All future updates will be of things I just finished or tutorials that I've just written.

I have to say that the stuff I posted today is not my best work. I've learned more about a lot of techniques (not the least of which is painting flesh) and so I think that if I were to do them again, they would come out better. Fortunately, I have another unpainted titan crew, so after the titan is done, they'll get redone and look a whole lot better! But enough of my complaining. . .

I've decided that since I need to paint models specifically for any tutorial that I do, I won't be doing any tutorials until after the titan is completed. If I'm really lucky, I can take pictures as I paint my third tactical squad and turn that into a tutorial. Until then, however, look for another titan update in the near future.

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