Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finecast, Titan Lasers and Necron Rumors

Well, it looks like the Army got in the way of things again. After three weeks of working out in the field, I come back to see that a lot has changed in the hobby. What's this Finecast stuff all about? Games Workshop is moving from metal to resin? As soon as I heard about it on 40k Radio, I ran straight for my local Games Workshop store to check it out. From what I've seen between my local GW store and the spread in White Dwarf, I think that the Finecast range shows a lot of promise. The real test, however, will come when I convert and paint up the Ultramarines Honor Guard to fit in with my Knights Bellicose.

I've never been one to rely heavily on rumors, but all the talk on 40k Radio, Bell of Lost Souls, and everywhere else on the internet seems to be pointing towards a re-release of Necrons in the August / September timeframe. I'll probably never play them but I'm still excited to see them get a new codex and new models. I've always thought that the current models were too flat and too plain for a painter to show off any real skill. When the re-release happens (if the rumors are indeed true), I'll definately be getting the codex and I might even paint a Necron or two for a painting challenge.
So, after drooling over all those new resin models, I decided to get back to work on what I was currently working on (which just happened to be resin anyway). I sat down at my painting table and fed my addiction to painting, trying to get back what the Army spent three weeks taking from me. I was able to completely finish the turbo laser arm on my titan and am now about halfway done with the plasma blastcannon. I have pictures posted up in the Other Models section so head on over and check them out!

As far as the painting goes, I've finally hammered out a painting schedule. With the unreliability of my work schedule, I can't post actual dates of when I'll have squads done or pictures posted but I can tell you what order I'll be working in. As soon as I finish the plasma blastcannon, I'll have a working titan. With that, I'm finally going to switch back to my Ultramarines after not touching them for almost a year. I'll do a squad of them (my last tactical squad probably), then an Eldar squad (Dire Avengers) and finally another titan weapon. After that, it's rinse/repeat. I'll do an Ultramarines squad, then an Eldar one, and then the final titan weapon. With the titan finally done, I'll just be going back and forth on the Eldar and Ultramarines until both armies are completely done. Then, and only then, will I start working on my Knights Bellicose. Maybe if I get bored, I'll start up a squad of them or maybe paint a few captains. Most importantly, however, I want to finish my two current armies before I start another one. Otherwise, I'll never finish anything.

Out in the field, I did some writing and figured out how all the officers in my Knights Bellicose are going to look. Here in the near future, head on over to their page to see just how I've planned them out.
Keep checking back for updates on the Knights Bellicose and to see the rest of my titan weapons! I should be updating those things pretty soon!

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