Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1,750 Point Battle

This past Monday, I went down to my local game store, Dice Age Games to attend my regular Monday night game. Monday is their 40k night. Instead of playing my regular 1,000 point Ultramarine list like I have been doing, I decided to combine the Ultramarnes and the Eldar to create a 1,750 list. This was my first time using an allied force and the result was pretty cool! I really like how I can use the strengths of one army to fill in the shortcomings in another. This should increase the variety of army lists we'll see at tournaments and simple friendly games.

The idea came up when my rules-advisor and best friend, Sean Tipper, came to visit me from California. While he was here, he gave me the idea of using my Grey Knights to augment my Ultramarines force. When I throw in an Inquisitor with them, that's a quick way to add 250 points into my army. It also makes me want to finish up that Arbites squad to use as a squad of Inquisitorial henchmen, but that's neither here nor there.

When he showed me the allies table and we learned that the Space Marines and Eldar can fight together, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for army lists. In the short term, it means I can play larger games quicker by combining forces. Check out the pictures below to see both armies fighting together for once!

The battle lines are drawn
Ultramarines and Eldar, ready to fight!
Guardians holding the objective (red crystal)
Captain Sicarius joins up with 1st squad
In gaming news, all the rumors around here point to Eldar being the next army to get updated, with Space Marines coming in shortly after that. With the promise of new rules and new models on the horizon, I won't be working on any Space Marines or Eldar after I finish the Guardian squad I'm currently working on. While I wait for the new armies to come out, I'm going to work on my Grey Knights, Inquisitor, and Arbites to use as my allied force. Since I'm using them out of the Grey Knights codex (which isn't changing any time soon) and they're allies of convenience for both the Eldar and the Space Marines, I can work on them with no threat of their rules changing or new models coming out. Keep checking back to see how the new Grey Knighs come out and what cool conversions I do when working on the Arbites!

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