Saturday, May 25, 2013

More Guardians, New Project

Just the other week, I was able to finish my second squad of Guardians for my Eldar force. This is the first unit I've done since returning from Afghanistan and getting out of the Army. It feels really good to get back into the hobby and even better to get something done and ready to field! While this is a considerable amount of units in my Troops slot, this is not all of the troops I'll be adding to the army. Even with the new Eldar codex releasing soon, I still definitely plan on building a third Guardian squad, if for no other reason than to use as brutes for a game of Kill Team. Check out the Eldar section for all the pictures of the new squad!

With the Guardians complete, I want to hold off working on any Eldar until the new codex comes out and I can redo my army lists. In the meantime, I've been doing some work on an old project. Remember this guy?

Well, I've finally assembled and finished all the modeling work on all his friends. Let me tell you, this was a lot of work! I'm not used to working with green stuff on such an enormous level. Since I shaved off the shoulder armor from all the models, I had to rebuild the shoulders with green stuff. Reconstructing the weapons was a large amount of work as well. I took some pictures of the models before I sprayed them. Take a look at how the models are coming along!

This guy will be the squad leader.

I made the bases to look like urban terrain.

I sculpted a pocket onto each right shoulder.

Two models will have demolition charges so I can
use them in Kill Team missions.

Two models, plus the squad leader, will have silencers on their rifles.

The purpose of these models is to serve as warrior acolytes. There will be 10 in all and they'll be joined by Inquisitor Coteaz. I'm even going to make a Chimera for them. They're going to be my personal AQRF: Arbites Quick Reaction Force. I like to think of them as a SWAT team, but in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. In the end, they'll be part of a 250-point force for me to use as Grey Knight allies.

I'll post updates to the project as I finish portions of it. Keep checking back! See you again soon!

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