Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grey Knights Progress, More Tests

Lately, I've been working on Grey Knights. My good buddy, Sean, gave me the idea of building 500 points worth of Grey Knights sideboard and, since I have a ton of random models laying around, this would be a good opportunity to finish some of them. In order to fit my Grey Knights (see the Other Models section for the existing squad) into the sideboard, I need options for different Justicars and different heavy weapons so I picked up a box of Grey Knights and started working on them. Here's my current progress so far.

I converted this thunder hammer so he's holding it higher.

This sideboard will also include the Arbites (again, see the Other Models section), Coteaz, and an Inquisitorial Chimera. I'm really looking forward to seing how the whole project turns out!

I recently purchased the Tentacle Maker tools from Green Stuff Industries. It'll be really helpful to be able to add power cables onto some of the conversions that I do. As soon as the tools came in, I immediately tested them out. Here's how it looks:

As soon as I use it on a model, I'll post up a tutorial about it. So stay tuned!

Lastly, work is progressing steadily on the Knights Bellicose. I only have two more tests to run before I can start doing real work on the army. I'm really excited to finally start working on them!

Right now, I'm in a bit of a transitional period. I'll be working crazy hours until I start school next year and I'm about to start moving. I'm using this as an opportunity to clean out all the random bits that I've collected over time. My plan is to build and paint all the boxes I have and donate the rest of the stuff I'll never, ever use to my local gaming store. I didn't think I'd ever add to my Ultramarines again, but I have Marneus Calgar (and his honor guard) and a box of Assault Terminators that won't fit into the new Knights Bellicose army. They'll be next to get painted up, as well as some terrain and some other random projects. It'll be really nice to get rid of all the stuff that's been cluttering up my hobby area. Keep checking back to see some random new projects! See you again soon!

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