Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gaming Table Part 1

For those of you who don't know, my wife and I just bought our first house. These past few weeks, we've been working like crazy to finish renovations before we move in. The best part is that my awesome father-in-law helped me build a new gaming table. In its current state, here's how it looks:

I also hung those lights and changed the doorknobs myself.

We left a little space so the terrain boards will come out easier.

This is where the extra terrain goes when I'm not using it.

Those aren't shelves. Those are the spare 2' x 2' squares.

The table is designed to hold six 2' x 2' squares, which I will build terrain on. I have enough squares to build a temperate board, a desert board, and a city board. The shelf behind is will hold the extra squares when I'm not using them.

The next step is to paint everything black (that's why everything has a drop cloth under it). After that's all dry, I'll start putting terrain on the surfaces. When I have plans completed I'll be sure to post them for you all to see. I'm really excited to see how the city board turns out. Keep checking back for more terrain goodness! The "third army" has finally begun!

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