Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gaming Table Part 2

Between the craziness at work and having weekends filled up with house renovations, its difficult to find time to work on the hobby, let alone the blog. Despite all the work, I've finally managed to find time to devote to the hobby again. I've just recently done some work on the gaming table and on the new art room as a whole. Check out all the progress!

First up is the new table. It been painted and is now complete! All it needs now is the terrain and its ready to go!

Next is the terrain shelf. This is designed to hold all the extra terrain when I'm not using it. The whole idea here is that I have eighteen 2' x 2' wooden boards. Divided up into three equal piles, I have enough to build three separate 4' x 6' gaming surfaces. One will be a temperate board (with rocks and static grass). Another will be a desert board. The last one will be a city board, complete with roads and non-modular buildings. One set will stay on the table. The other two sets will fit into this shelving unit when not in use. All modular terrain is going to go onto the shelf under the gaming table.

These are my three stacks of six 2' x 2' boards. Eventually, these will become my terrain boards and go on the table (and into the shelf).

Aside from the table itself, I've also hung some pictures and set up the display cases. Here's how the room looks right now:
40k posters for the back wall.
The spare terrain shelf is supposed to go to the right
of the display cases.

 I'll keep you all updated with more pictures as progress continues. Hopefully, I'll have all the boards painted black and everything organized within the next few days.

Aside from working on the gaming room, I've managed to get some more paint on my models! Currently, I'm trying to finish a few Grey Knights for my Inquisitorial sideboard. They're to upgrade the five Grey Knights that I already have finished, so it's just two more squad leaders and two more heavy weapons.

I love how the red accents came out for the gun.

After the Grey Knights are complete, I'll be painting up Coteaz. Also, I'm planning on building and painting a black Chimera (with AQRF on the side) for my Arbites, who count as Inquisitorial henchmen. That'll round out the sideboard. I'll then finally start work on the Knights Bellicose! Check back soon to see how it all turns out!

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